Karmic code of destiny

Vedic numerology


This book is about Vedic numerology – knowledge that has been proved over thousands of years. It is a great tool to reveal the mysteries of your life, to get explanations for the situations constantly arising around you and not allowing you to enjoy every moment. Vedic numerology is easy to learn; all that is necessary is to know is your date of birth!

The book will show you how to calculate Soul and Destiny Numbers and will describe how these numbers affect the karma and the lives of people. New knowledge can help you to understand yourself, colleagues, friends and those you love. You can become highly-skilled in understanding people!

The book can enable you to understand the meaning of each number in numerology, the karmic tasks you need to undertake and much more. Moreover, you will learn how to use your Personal Year Number to direct your energy appropriately based on the theory of the 9 years´ numerological cycle. This way you will get even more benefit by carefully choosing the actions that are needed in a particular year and calmly avoiding those decisions that are not in line with the moment.

All the things that happen in life are not a coincidence and it is in your hands to change your destiny!

Baiba Sturite is a writer of the New Age. She is a Vedic astrologer and teacher of esoteric self-development, meditation and Vedic knowledge courses. She shares her experience of Vedic and esoteric knowledge obtained over 15 years of practice through her books and lectures.

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